Monday, January 2, 2012

Cat health insurance

Hi everyone and first off, HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

I think you all recognized, that a cat isn't as cheap as most people think.
You need to find a cat hotel on vacation, you need to feed quality food, you need equiptment against fleas and worms, your cat needs some vaccinations and it wants to have some playing toys and a scatching tree.
Wow... sounds alot, but the most expensive point is missing.

Your cat can get ill and veterinarians are very expensive!

Alot of families have cats for their children and if they get ill, curing them is way to expensive and the cat will die.
Childrens hearts will be broken and alot of tears will run.
But there is a solution for this problem, called cat health insurance.

In nearly every first world country, it's an obligation to have a health insurance for yourself.
Why should our cats be any different? They are small and cute family members and we love them, so we should do anything that provides a long and happy life for them.

I bet alot of you don't know what a cat health insurance can do for you, so i gonna list it up:


A cat health insurance pays vaccinations for the most common deseases.
It also pays yearly health checks to see if your cat is healthy or needs any treatments.


Cat health insurance will also pay for every veterinarian bill including:

-Accommodation costs
-Physical therapy
-Homeopathic treatment
-Foreign country health protection

The most common accident happening to a cat is a road accident.
For these cases, a cat health insurances pays for everything that happened to your cat caused by the road accident.

Usually, these cat health insurances cost between 20-40$.
If you keep in mind that you will save some money on for example vaccinations, it's a cheap thing to have and you will feel alot better when your cat is outside in the traffic.

In my opinion, every cat should have a health insurance.


  1. Please feel free to leave comments, questions and critics :)

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  3. Never heard about those thing but be sure i will give it a shot :) nice article

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